paris plaza  

hotel location


Erbil International Airport is just 5.3 km away from the hotel.

Rizgari Hospital

Erbils biggest hospital is just 2.0 km from our hotel.

Shopping Malls

Erbils biggest shopping malls from our hotel: Family Mall 2.0 km, Majidi Mall

City Center

Erbil City Center and Erbil Citadel are just 3.4 km away ca 5 minutes.

Family Parks

Family Fun, Majidi Land, Sami Park are from 1.0 km to 3.5 km away.


Well known Today Restaurant is just a walk away from the hotel.

Paris Plaza is located in the heart of the city of Erbil. The hotel has many important nearby POIs such as:

- Erbil International Airport 5,3 km
- Erbil City Center 3,4 km
- Erbil Citadel 3,5 km
- Tablo Mall 1,2 km
- Family Mall 2,0 km
- Majidi Mall 1,5 km
- Cihan Bank 0 -1 km
- Cihan Motors 0 -1 km
- Rizgari Hospital 2,0 km 
- Erbil FC Stadium 1,2 km
- Sami Park 3,5 km